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No one does Halloween like Elgin Illinois, and Haunt Central wants to bring you even closer to all the Chicago Halloween action. Plan your Halloween night and get exclusive offers at Elgin's top attractions- Evil Intentions, Nightmare On Chicago Street, and The Halloween Experience.

Planning your halloween season just got easier with Haunt Central. Showcasing the top attractions in Chicago Illinois, you can plan with confidence and leave the scary unknown to us!

Whether you want a spooky evening with the whole family at The Halloween Experience,  party all night on the streets of downtown Elgin at Nightmare On Chicago Street, or experience the bone-chilling terror at Evil Intentions, Haunt Central wants to make your planning easier!

Halloween your way with Haunt Central.

Stay safe during 2022 Chicago Spooky Season!

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For the past nine years, the Zombie Defense Initiative has given citizens an experience that they could find nowhere else. Until now. This year the Nightmare isn't about battling the Zombie Menace, but it is about celebrating a cure. This year, more than ever, we need to have a happening that will unite citizens looking for escape. There will be maps with official boundaries. ?Some of the businesses might appear to be boarded up, vegetation may reclaim derelict buildings, trash may be strewn everywhere, burning tires and barrels of toxic waste littering the streets, abandoned cars, buses and even airplanes damaged and overturned. Do not fear! Your safety is our number one concern. Some steadfast businesses will be open for you to get food, beverages, shelter, and provisions.

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This Halloween season, a new attraction is coming to Elgin, IL- A drive-thru Halloween music and light show extravaganza! The Halloween Experience features larger than life attractions from Aliens in the Outer world, to Dinosaurs in the Forgotten Land, from Creatures in the Lost Lagoon, to a forest filled with endless spooky frights! One low price for everyone in the vehicle, so bring the whole family this year on the most spooktacular Halloween drive-thru event in Chicago!

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Located in Elgin’s industrial section stands the abandoned home of Elgin Casket Company. This once proud building has been witness to murder, grisly discoveries, cult activities, and unexplained occurrences, and a dark legacy has emerged from its sordid history. Visitors still regularly report encounters with some of the former residents that now roam the decayed hallways and abandoned factory floors.Now the Elgin Ghost Society is spending the night to make contact with the reported ghosts that still walk its hallways. What they’ll awaken will redefine terror. Evil will be unleashed, and death is the only escape.

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